Dane Matthew - REALTOR ®

7457 South Biloxi Court Aurora, Colorado 80016

"Great" Dane Matthew

My real estate career is built on the foundation of helping families improve their quality of life, and I will help you as well. I am a results-oriented real estate professional with 29-years of service to our nation and Colorado with extensive customer service and community planning experience. It has always been a personal passion of mine to help families improve their quality of life and to plan for the future.

I believe buying and/or selling or leasing a home is essential to your quality of life as your family needs change. As such, I am prepared to assist you, no matter what your needs are, with the knowledge, commitment, and loyalty of a Realtor who will work to ensure your quality-of-life needs are met. I will be your champion and work by your side throughout the entire process. To this end, if you are looking for your first home in the city, a vacation home in the mountains, escaping to a smaller town, or moving to the country, there is a good chance, I have the personal experience to help guide you.

I have personally lived in nine different states and two countries; and I have rented or owned seventeen different real estate interests located in a variety of cities, rural areas, mountains, resort communities, and small towns. I understand first-hand what it takes to live in the Colorado Front Range Mountains and how stressful buying, selling, and leasing can be, and I am happy to help you navigate this process.

As your neighbor who has lived there and done that, I know there is no better place to live than right here in the Colorado Front Range Mountains. Contact me today, and we will get to work improving your quality of life.